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A Big Idea for Small Businesses

Shop Small.  A Big Idea for Local Small Businesses

Reserve some of your Black Friday budget for the Second Annual Small Business Saturday.

Small businesses are the backbone in this country. By shopping small this holiday season, you can help support your local businesses.

Shop small can helps in a big way!   Here are 10 gift-giving ideas for Shopping Small this holiday season.

  • Gym membership – an appropriate gift for all ages!
  • Gift of personal pamper – gift your family and friends a manicure, pedicure, body massage, hair stylist or barber visit, the mention a few.
  • Gift certificate to a local restaurant
  • Car care gift certificates for gas, oil changes or a car detailed.  I could use one of these!
  • A box of sweets from your local bakery – YUM!
  • Visit your local crafts artisan and buy a scarf, pottery, jewelry, a beautiful wooden box, a painting.
  • A ticket to see a local musician or band.
  • A ticket to see a movie in your hometown theater.
  • Clothing or jewelry from a local specialty shop.
  • A donation made in honor of a loved one to your local food bank.

Shop Small shares eMarketing4us’s mission to help small businesses grow.

Get out there this holiday season and shop differently by supporting your local businesses.

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