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Effective eMail Marketing

Course Title: Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

Course Description  
Are you are ready to pursue a new dimension of marketing to grow your business?

Promote your business by employing email’s unique presentation abilities and massive distribution capability via email marketing. Email marketing:

•    Drives traffic to your site.
•    Opens communication with your customers.
•    Actively promotes your business.
•    Builds your brand.
•    Builds relationships with actual and prospective customers.
•    Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.
•    Increases sales revenue.
•    Publicizes events and special promotions.
•    Reaches the older generation, which is more comfortable with email than newer ways
of Internet promotion, such as social media.

Master the art of email marketing through our course Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Your Business. Instead of waiting passively for visits to your business website, take your website directly to your target audience.

In this course, you will learn to use email to simultaneously market your brand, build customer relationships, sell your products, and announce your events – all at the click of a button. Upon completing this course, you will:

•    Know the elements of marketing emails.
•    Know the appropriate content to use in your email campaign.
•    Know how to implement your email marketing campaign.
•    Know how to build your email list.
•    Be prepared to choose your email marketing provider.
•    Be able to measure the success of your email campaign.

Who Should Take This Course?
•    Business owners looking to increase profits and customers, and to build their brand.
•    Website owners and bloggers looking to increase and maintain website visitors.
•    Anyone wanting to hone their internet/marketing skills.

How will this help me and my business?
It can:
•    Increase your business’s sales, customers, and popularity.
•    Build relationships and your business brand.
•    Promote events and special offers.
•    Enhance your arsenal of web strategies.

Course Elements
Software Platform
•    Online learning platform with 24/7 access
•    On-demand course
•    Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
•    Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
•    Worksheet (is “worksheet” necessary to write here?)

Course Analytic  
•    Unlimited access to course analytic during your course

Course Elements
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Worksheets that reinforce learning
•    Glossary

•    Simple proficiency questionnaire

•    Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

Prerequisite:  You don’t have to have a website to take this course, however, it may be helpful to take the eM4us Organic Search Engine Optimization course.

Step 1: Getting Started
•    Start an email marketing plan.
•    Familiarize with the various types of email communications.

Step 2: Elements of Marketing Emails
•    Learn the advantages of the different text formats (HTML or Plain Text).
•    Discover the right components for your marketing emails.

Step 3: Email Content
•    Build your email with the appropriate content.
•    Learn strategies to keep your emails from being classified as spam.

Step 4: Email Marketing Plan
•    Establish your email campaign goals.
•    Decide on a target audience.
•    Set strategies.
•    Learn email marketing legal guidelines.

Step 5: Build your Email List
•    Learn ways to build your email list via customer interaction.
•    Build your email list through a website subscribe form.
•    Use a list broker to buy mailing lists.

Step 6: Choosing your Email Platform
•    Learn about quality email providers.
•    Check to see if email provider is blacklisted.
•    Compare email providers.

Step 7: Measuring your Email Campaign’s Success
•    Check your open rates, click-through-rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and
bounce rates.
•    Measure success by sending two different email versions (A/B Split Testing).
•    Understand email display problems.
•    Test how spam filters react to your campaign email.

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