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Monitor-Measure-Track & Adjust Your Internet Marketing Efforts

How many times have you left an internet marketing course, gone back to work to implement what you were taught only to be left wondering whether you did it right or if it would deliver results.

eMarketing4us courses include web analytic tools to help demystify the internet by providing you with real-time information that map into your specific industry, business and target audience.  The course analytic will eliminate the “guesswork” and help you create an online marketing strategy that is precise and on-target.

After you’ve launched your website or internet marketing efforts, most small business owners wonder whether their website or internet marketing strategies are delivering results.  eMarketing4us Analytic Dashboard has over 50 various analytic tools to help you with your:

  • Planning and market research
  • Conduct competitive analysis of your competitions site
  • Developing precise internet marketing programs
  • Evaluate the technical infrastructure of your website
  • Monitor your website marketing performance
  • Internet marketing campaigns
  • Back-link strategy and deployment
  • Organic search engine marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Keyword strategy
  • Real-time snapshots of website performance

For only $9.99 per month our affordable analytic dashboard program will provide you with on-going support so you can monitor and track the success of your website and internet marketing programs.

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