Affordable Internet Marketing Training on Your Terms

Our online internet marketing courses are affordable and have been developed to build on one another for progressive learning.  Our training platform is available to you from anywhere at any time – with 24/7 online access to your internet marketing courses.  Allowing you to learn at your own pace on your own time.   We offer two ways to learn – a la carte or pre-designed packaged courses.

Internet Marketing Course Training platform consist of:

Software Platform

  • Online training platform with 24/7 access
  • Self-paced internet marketing courses
  • Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
  • Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
  • Course eWorksheets
  • Historical eWorksheet retrieval
  • One-time course re-activation services

Course Analytic  (Measure. Test. Track & Adjust your Marketing Efforts)

  • Complimentary baseline website analytic report
  • Unlimited access to course analytic; during your course

Web and Internet Analytic Dashboard

  • Practical analytic tools to guide your efforts
  • Sophisticated web and internet analytic and tools
  • Competitive analytic tools
  • Performance analytic tools for your website, eMarketing and social media marketing
  • Over 50 web and internet marketing analytic tools

Strategy and Planning Tools

  • Business performance marketing tools and eWorksheets
  • Website design and development tools and eWorksheets
  • Competitive analysis:  Evaluate what your competitors are doing on the web
  • Internet marketing tools and eWorksheets

Education for All Types of Learners

  • Educational videos and audio clips
  • eM4us “Main Street Marketing” TV streams
  • eWorksheets that re-enforce learning
  • eTips and Tricks
  • Instructional samples
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Presentations
  • Reference guides
  • Glossaries of terms
  • Collaborative student learning

Note:  not all internet marketing courses will have all components

Validate Learning

  • Simple proficiency questionnaire
  • Simple polls


  • Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

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