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How to Effectively Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Course Title: How to Effectively use Facebook to Grow your Business

Course Description  
If you want wide exposure for your business, Facebook is the way to go. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site and a powerful tool for leveraging your business.  But – where to start?

How to Effectively use Facebook to Grow your Business can help you with this. In this course, you will learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan that effectively utilizes Facebook profiles, pages, and groups.

And in the process, you will be equipped to extend your market reach to new customers, build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and develop viable leads.

How to Effectively use Facebook to Grow your Business focuses specifically on:
•    Marketing basics.
•    Facebook basics.
•    Market analysis.
•    Facebook marketing plan.
•    Creating a Facebook presence.
•    Monitoring your Facebook presence.

In addition, we will review case studies and evaluate the ways different companies are using Facebook to increase their revenues, gain customer insight and build relationships with their existing customer base.

Who Should Take This Course?
•    Business owners seeking to use Facebook to grow their business.
•    Anyone looking to master Facebook’s promotion tools.
•    Anyone wanting to improve their social media/marketing skills.

How will this help me and my business?
It can:
•    Increase your business’s sales, customers, and popularity.
•    Provide new ways of marketing your business.
•    Increase your business’s credibility with an effective Facebook presence.
•    Build relationships with your customers.

Course Elements
Software Platform
•    Online learning platform with 24/7 access
•    On-demand course
•    Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
•    Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
•    Worksheet

Course Analytic  
•    Unlimited access to course analytic during your course

Course Elements
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Video tutorials
•    Worksheets that reinforce learning
•    Glossaries of terms
•    Case studies

Quizzes and Evaluation
•    Simple proficiency questionnaire
•    Course evaluation

•    Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

Have a personal Facebook profile

Step 1: Marketing Basics
•    Learn social networking basics.
•    Understand outbound and inbound marketing.

Step 2: Facebook Basics
•    Learn about Facebook
•    Get acquainted with Facebook services
•    Leverage Facebook for your business

Step 3: Market Analysis
•    Conduct a Facebook market analysis
•    How to conduct research on Facebook
•    Cover fan and group pages
•    Cover Facebook events
•    Focus on broad keywords

Step 4: Competitive Analysis
•    Conduct research on your competitors

Step 5: Facebook Case Studies
•    Review case studies to help you build your Facebook strategies

Step 6: Facebook Marketing Plan
•    Learn Facebook best practices
•    Create a marketing plan
•    Set goals and establish policies
•    Develop Strategies

Steps 7, 8, and 9: Facebook Case Studies
•    Create and promote a Facebook page
•    Create a Group page
•    Create an Event

Step 10: Monitoring your Facebook Presence
•    Cover metrics for your Facebook page
•    Get a weekly report on your Facebook page
•    Make use of report details on user information and interaction

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