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How lucky are we! At eMarketing4us we are able to go to work everyday and focus our time, attention, products and services in helping people succeed.    Our goal is to provide small and home business owners with the best information, education and resources to successfully maintain and grow their business on the Internet so YOU can make a difference in other people’s life.

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“I was touched by an online marketing maven – meet Deborah Buckley. To make a long story short I am a newbie creating a new web business and somehow got blessed when someone referred me to Deborah. She is an expert online marketing educator with over 17 years of marketing experience. Deborah is passionate, knowledgeable, an excellent communicator and teacher. I feel so grateful knowing that, because of my Marketing maven, Deborah, as long I follow her “step by step” online marketing course, my dream website business is going to be a reality!  Thank you Deborah.”

Joanne Sapers
Small Business Owner


“The amount of content you practically gave away in the first course: Building a web presence was AWESOME. This is a must take course for anyone thinking about establishing a web presence or updating their existing website. Your courses would are outstanding for businesses looking for practical instruction on how to do a better job marketing on the internet. I am thrilled to become an affiliate partner and promote your courses and consulting services to my clients. Thank you for caring about small business owners to develop this simple and practical internet marketing curriculum.”

Catherine Brown
Initial Call


“We worked with Deb Buckley to enhance the productivity of our web site, a self-storage facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Within weeks, we saw an increase in our bottom line. Not only has there been an increase in hits to our new web site, but we also have more people coming through our front door and renting storage space. Deb knows her business. She covered all the bases and walked us through the steps of thoroughly optimizing our site. We are in the self-storage business and knew nothing about SEO. She made the process easy and manageable for us. It was a pleasure working with her.

Ed Tucker
Owner, Store Rooms Self-Storage

“The Chamber believes that eMarketing4us is an extraordinary learning resource for business people, whether they run a do-it-yourself small business or need to become more knowledgeable on the subject in order to hire vendors.”

David McKeehan
President, North Central Chamber of Commerce

“I finished the classes and I’m very excited about the next set of classes. The classes were great and I loved them all. The videos, which taught me a lot, were probably the best part. And the worksheets really helped me distinguish where I’m going with my business.  I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about my goals and what I’ve wanted to get out from them.”

Nancy Hill, Business Owner

“Your reasonable fees and short courses are perfect.  I hate to commit to a longer class and spend a lot of money when there are no guarantees that it will work for you.  Thanks for targeting the small (very small), new business developer.”

Judy Northup-Bennett, Owner

“I definitely benefited from the eMarketing4us courses. The courses present practical information that businesses need to know to develop a strong internet presence. eM4us delivered powerful courses, packed with rich information that will help our business establish a larger online presence.”

Jim Arsenault, Owner
Integral Life and Business Coaching/

“eMarketing4us instructors are extremely knowledgeable about electronic marketing strategies.   In just two short hours, I walked away with valuable information and an actionable plan. Analytic and discovery tools are integrated into the program so I can monitor how well the site is performing.  After implementing the course recommendations, I saw immediate results.   When it comes to internet marketing, eM4us is my personal trainer.”

Alexis Rougas-Ermilio, Coach and Personal Trainer
Adventure Boot Camp LLC


“Thank you for yet another successful workshop at the Center for Women & Enterprise!  Our clients are now implementing the eM4us educational and practical workshop into their business development.”

Ivette Olmeda, Program Manager
Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE)

“The ability to effectively network as a travel agent is key.   eM4us social media marketing courses have educated me on the importance of establishing a web presence in social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Attending eM4us courses has opened the door to a new world of networking and marketing the Kettle Travel Agency brand to a targeted market.

Ellen Kettle, Business Owner
Kettle Travel Agency

Implementing internet marketing strategies into our practice has helped us reach and educate local residents about our current programs and new medicines.  The best part of being in this field is watching those patients suffering with autoimmune diseases make great improvements in their quality of life and knowing we played an important role in that.

Mary Coughlin, R.N.
Clinical Pharmacology Study Group

“We took an eM4us course and decided to hire eM4us Consulting Team to re-designed and optimize our website for lead generation and SEO.  eM4us Consulting Team delivered what they promised – a website we could easily edit and scale as our business grows.”
Paul and Lee Kontrimas, Owners
Boston Packaging Store

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