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Enhance Your Organic SEO and Generate Local Leads

Course Title: Promoting your Website and Generating Leads with SEO Backlinks #Market402

Course Description  
Have you ever wondered why some business websites have high search engine rankings, while equally good websites do not? Backlinks can make all the difference.

Master the science of using backlinks to raise your business’s website via our course Promoting your Website with SEO Backlinks. A backlink is simply a web link from another website to your website.

Since all you have to do is click on them, backlinks are an easy way to navigate from site to site. Backlinks are also tools for enhancing search engine rank. One way search engines value websites is by the number and quality of backlinks going to it.

Promoting your Website with Backlinks covers the following:
•    Strategies for getting backlinks to your site.
•    Competitive analysis of backlinks.
•    Establishing a backlink marketing plan.
•    Monitoring the results of your backlink strategies.

Who Should Take This Course?
•    Business owners and anyone else looking to increase their website’s visibility and
search engine rank.
•    Business owners and anyone else looking to increase direct traffic to their website.
•    Anyone wanting to hone their internet/marketing skills.

How will this help me and my business?
It can:
•    Increase your business’s sales, customers, and popularity through direct traffic and
search engine rank.
•    Enhance your arsenal of web strategies.

Course Elements
Software Platform
•    Online learning platform with 24/7 access
•    On-demand course
•    Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
•    Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
•    Worksheets

Course Analytic  
•    Unlimited access to course analytic during your course

Course Elements
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Worksheets that reinforce learning
•    Glossary

•    Simple proficiency questionnaire

•    Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

Prerequisite: (none)


Step 1: Backlink Basics
•    Learn backlink basics.
•    Monitor your backlink strategy.
•    Employ tool for finding backlinks on your website and your competitors’ websites.
•    Discover how to find a backlink’s Page Rank.

Step 2: Backlink Strategies
•    Ways of getting backlinks to promote your business
•    Using written content to obtain backlinks.
•    Using social media to obtain backlinks.

Step 3: Competitive Analysis
•    Competitive research.

Step 4: Backlinks Marketing Plan
•    Develop a personalized marketing plan for acquiring backlinks.

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