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Organic Search Engine Optimization – The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing

Course Title: Organic Search Engine Optimization #SEO301

Course Description
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You’ve heard about it over and over, and you probably know that successful businesses rely on it heavily to increase website visibility. But, applying it may seem rather daunting; how does one acquire the proper skills without spending an enormous amount of time in school?

In Organic Search Engine Marketing, you too can master the fundamentals of SEO – quickly, and at your own pace. This course teaches you how to apply SEO principles to increase visits to your website by making it easy for Internet search engines to find you.

Organic Search Engine Marketing examines how search engines work, what people search for, and how to maximize your web presence by being search engine savvy.

In this workshop prepare to learn:

•    Ways to improve the chances of your website being found.
•    Keywords to get a higher position in search engines.
•    How to analyze your website traffic.
•    Strategies for building links.
•    How to submit to search engine directories.

Who Should Take This Course?

•    Business owners looking to establish a web presence.
•    Website admins and bloggers looking to promote their site.
•    Anyone wanting to hone their internet/marketing skills.

How will this help me and my business?

It can:

•    Increase your business’s sales, customers, and popularity.
•    Increase your business’s credibility through higher search rankings.
•    Result in more website links going to your site.
•    Provide news ways of marketing your business.
•    Provide strategic options via website analysis.

Course Elements
Software Platform
•    Online learning platform with 24/7 access
•    On-demand course
•    Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
•    Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
•    Worksheets

Course Analytic  
•    Unlimited access to course analytic during your course

Strategy and Planning Tools
•    Business performance worksheets

Course Elements
•    Video tutorials
•    Analytic tools
•    Worksheets that reinforce learning
•    Instructional samples
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Glossaries of terms

Quizzes and Evaluation
•    Simple proficiency questionnaire
•    Course evaluation

•    Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

What to expect in your eM4us courses:

  • Self-paced courses
  • Interactive teaching
  • Check out quizzes
  • Course Certifications
  • Complimentary Courses

Step 1: SEO Basics
•    Understand SEO terminology and types of SEO.
•    Learn the top US search engines.

Step 2: De-mystify SEO
•    Improve your SEO standing with keywords.
•    Get better visibility on Google.

Steps 3 and 4: Keyword Analytics
•    Verify the effectiveness of your keywords.
•    Employ a Google keyword evaluation tool.
•    Monitor market and seasonal trends via a Google keyword trending tool.

Step 5: SEO-Friendly URLs
•    Raise your SEO standing with SEO-friendly URLs.

Step 6: SEO for Web Content
•    Use your website’s content to raise SEO.
•    Research keyword trends.
•    See how search engines view your content.
•    Deploy title tags, meta tags, and header title tags.

Step 7: ALT Tags
•    Use ALT tags to make your website’s images recognizable to Google.

Step 8: Managing SEO
•    Make your business accessible to local customers
•    Use backlink strategies to raise your SEO.
•    Identify roadblocks to positive SEO results.
•    Avoid bad SEO practices.

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