About Us

We firmly believe that the internet is a game changer that creates a level playing field for people to successfully compete globally.

We are passionate about helping people develop their internet marketing accumen by offering the same tools and information that large companies have in order to succeed.

One of the special qualities of the Internet is that there are no barriers for companies to compete with the large companies.  The Internet is an equalizing force that businesses can leverage to cost effectively succeed and grow.

eMarketing4us (eM4us) is an innovative, self-paced internet marketing training and consulting company that offer businesses an online eLearning platform that is; affordable, easy to use, information rich and measurable.

Our Mission

  1. Provide people with the best information, education and resources to successfully launch maintain and grow their business on the Internet.
  2. Provide people access to services and tools that, previously, were only available to large companies, at affordable prices.
  3. Offer people expert coaching services and valuable community counsels that will help them succeed.

We believe in ensuring your success!


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Let eM4us keep you in the know with industry news on the internet, marketing, branding, social media and small business topics.

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