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Our courses have been designed and developed by Internet marketing experts who are  business owners.  We realize that time, money and other resources may be limited. We recognized that you have limited time and bandwidth to get your work done within a 24-hour day!  Dedicating these resources to a results oriented training program is time and money well spent. eMarketing4us courses are easy-to-use, rich in practical information and business performance tools that will allow you to jump-start your Internet marketing strategy. Unlike other training programs, we have designed built-in analytic and business performance tools in each course that will take you through the necessary steps to put together your Internet marketing plan. eMarketing4us provides you with the real-time analytic tools that give you intelligent information that can help you make smart business decisions about your presence on the Internet. Our courses are NOT webinars that try to up-sell you our company services.  We believe that if we can teach you how to build your web presence you will be able to grow your business online.  Our goal is to de-mystify the internet for business owners. Start Now: Grow Your Business Online

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