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Build Your Professional Branding Using LinkedIn

Get Started with the Premiere Business-to-Business Social Media Networking Platform

Course Title: Build Your Professional Brand Using LinkedIn #Social403

Course Description 
Social media is an excellent business marketing tool in and of itself. But what about a social media platform geared specifically for businesses? This is precisely what LinkedIn – the world’s most popular business-oriented social media networking platform – is.

Through LinkedIn, you can get business advice, build your professional brand, market your company, connect with business people from around the globe, and much, much more.

Build Your Professional Brand Using LinkedIn teaches you to take advantage of LinkedIn’s compound network of connections: people who are direct or 1st-degree connections, and indirect – 2nd and 3rd degree connections. We show you how to showcase your credentials; reconnect with former colleagues; establish new business relationships; and build company awareness.

Those who Take this Course will:

•    Acquire a broad understanding of LinkedIn features.
•    Learn how to promote themselves and their company with LinkedIn’s personal and
company profiles.
•    Understand how to build a LinkedIn network.
•    Learn the value of LinkedIn groups.
•    Can conduct a basic job search.
•    Learn how to take advantage of Home Page Features.

Who Should Take This Course?

•    Business owners looking to promote their business and establish a web presence.
•    Anyone looking to establish business connections, network with former business
colleagues, or find jobs or employees.
•    Website admins and bloggers looking to promote their site.
•    Anyone wanting to hone their internet/marketing skills.

How will this help me and my business?
It can:
•    Increase your business’s sales, customers, and popularity.
•    Help you establish valuable business connections.
•    Build your reputation.

Course Elements
Software Platform
•    Online learning platform with 24/7 access
•    On-demand course
•    Private and personalized password protected eLearning platform
•    Private password protected web analytic dashboard for your business
•    Worksheets

Are these relevant for this course?
Course Analytic  
•    Unlimited access to course analytic during your course

Strategy and Planning Tools
•    Business performance worksheets

Course Elements
•    Video tutorials
•    Worksheets that reinforce learning
•    Step-by-step instructions

Quizzes and Evaluation
•    Simple proficiency questionnaire
•    Course evaluation

•    Proficiency testing and certificate of completion

It is highly recommended that you take eMarketing4us search engine optimization (SEO) course, if you are not familiar with how to select strong keywords for your business or professional profile.


  • Time Flexibility
  • This 30-day course is concise yet precise, giving students the time flexibility they need without sacrificing the course’s substance.
  • Progressive Learning Approach
  • To maximize retention of the course material, we employ a progressive learning approach, which educates students in a variety of ways. Course material includes step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and video tutorials.
  • Accessible Support
  • Our support system, which employs email correspondence and a live chat, is geared to respond efficiently to your course-related questions.
  • Pace Yourself
  • This course is online, accessible 24×7, allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • Course-end Quiz
  • Our course-end quizzes help you to both gauge your learning, and to know what course material should be restudied.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Add to your resume, credentials, or your wall our printable certificate of completion, which acknowledges your fulfillment of the course requirements.

Ongoing Curriculum
Become a well-rounded and skilled social media marketer via our other eM4us courses. The curriculum includes training in everything from best website practices, to SEO marketing, to social media marketing.


Step 1: Create a Profile
•    Make a professional header.
•    Keep connections informed of your status.
•    Showcase your skills, credentials, and experience.
•    Change your profile settings.

Step 2: Send Invitations
•    Organize your connections.
•    Grow your network.
•    View network statistics.

Steps 3: Take Advantage of Home Page Features
•    Stay in the spotlight with updates.
•    Monitor who has viewed your profile.
•    Get informed of important groups.
•    Add connections and applications.
•    And much more.

Step 4: Companies
•    Create your company page.
•    Promote products and services.
•    Use analytics to gather information about followers of your company.
•    Interact with job seekers via premium service.
•    Research other companies.
•    Maximize your company page.

Step 5: Join Groups
•    Learn valuable group page options.
•    Follow important group page discussions.
•    Discover list of group pages you may like.

Step 6: Search for Jobs
•    Employ LinkedIn’s Resume Builder.
•    Perform an advanced job search.
•    Post jobs.
•    Use Job Seeker Toolkit.

Step 7: More
•    Correspond with connections.
•    Stay abreast of latest business news.
•    Use LinkedIn Answers to discover information and to demonstrate your niche
•    Discover a great deal of LinkedIn info at the Learning Center.
•    Promote yourself via LinkedIn skills.
•    Additional links.

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