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How is Your Website Performing?

Over and over, I hear the same message from small business owners; “I have a website but I have no idea whether this tool is helping me grow my business.”

Well, you are not alone and you no longer need to be in the dark.  There are analytics (or tracking and measurement tools) that will help you understand how your site is performing so you can do a better job enhancing it to meet your business needs.

Unfortunately many of these analytic tools require that you have a Ph.D. in statistics or market research.  That is not a practical tool for a small business.   Entrepreneurs need a simple tool that is will tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re wrong, where you need to improve and how to fix it.

We have no time for analysis paralysis.   Time is money.

Agree?  Then lets’ get started.  eMarketing4us FREE basic website grader tool will cut through the clutter and tell you how your website is performing, where it needs enhancement and how to improve it!

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