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Facebook Tips for Small Businesses!

8 Tips for an Effective Facebook Page for Your Small Business

  1. Create a fan page, not a personal page for your profile. – Keep personal and business pages separate. For professional purposes, keep personal matters private.
  2. Create a simple and memorable URL – A URL with the company name, or part of the company name will be the best option when creating the URL. Once the URL is created, it cannot be changed, so proceed with caution and be sure it is exactly what you want.
  3. Monitor and respond frequently – Fans appreciate a response when they take the time to post on your page. Be sure to take the time to respond as frequently as possible.
  4. Don’t “over-do it” with the posts – Too many posts in a short period of time will surely turn users away.  Regulate how many status updates are being posted each day. Think of yourself as a customer; how much is too much?
  5. Ask for feedback – Followers are more likely to respond if you ask a specific question or if they know you are looking for their input. Rather than share an article, ask for some opinions.
  6. Use your page to share success stories and achievements – Readers want to see the company doing well.
  7. Remember to have some fun – Be sure to post some “fun” posts to keep readers excited. Some quotes, trivia facts, or trending topics will interest readers.
  8. Track your progress – Notice changes in fans. If you are gaining fans, look into who they are and how they may have heard of you. If you’re losing fans, look into who and why.

Facebook can be an extremely effective tool to market your small business. eMarketing4us offers an online course designed for small business to improve their Facebook marketing strategy. To learn more, visit us at

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