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5 Recession Proof Affiliate Opportunities

The world is experiencing unique economic times.  A weak US dollar, over extended world economies are creating challenges for many.

During uncertainty people hold back on spending on large tickets and luxury items but if you look carefully, you can find affiliate opportunities you can incorporate into your portfolio that can augment your revenues.

Fortunately for most affiliate marketers, making the move from recession-proof affiliate products that consumer’s use, regardless of their economic status, is fairly simple.

So, if your affiliate commissions have been falling off of late, here are a number of recession-proof product and service suggestions for your consideration.

1. Tax Preparation and Filing Services
It’s that time of year again – Tax Time.
Several IRS authorized merchants can be found at Commission Junction (affiliate portal), including TurboTax, H&R Block and QuickTax, the latter of which pays a 30% commission on all their products, including a premium tax preparation service which costs $69.95.

2. Education and Workforce Training
People who are unemployed or underemployed are looking for ways to sharpen up their workforce skills.  Adults are starting new businesses at a record pace and need to learn new business skills.  Many individuals are looking at continuing education (CEU) courses,Affiliate-Marketing-Opportunitycareer changes or online self-paced business and internet marketing course.  Some companies that offer affiliate programs are and (affiliate program).

3. Business Opportunities
Employed and Unemployed people are actively creating a Plan B.  In the U.S alone, 29 million adults are either starting or are running new businesses.  These new business owners need training, instructional information products in the form of e-books, podcasts, webinars and conferences to new entrepreneurs; to mention a few.

Almost every business needs business cards, office supplies and computer equipment: to mention a few.  Check out Commission Junction to see which merchants will be right for your business.

4. Job Search
Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of jobs out there but there is a lot of people searching for them.  Join and affiliate program and direct your visitors to their sites.

5. Resume Services
Job seekers need to have their resumes updated. Some services, such as pays commissions of 12.5% to 25% and their resume writing package prices top out at $357.90 for executive level positions.

While the affiliate programs above do not represent all of the opportunities out there waiting for affiliate marketers, it does demonstrate that even in bad times – we can thrive but one must be open-minded, perceptive and swift.

To my affiliate partners out there – get out there and prosper in 2013!

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