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4 Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Don’t quit your day job too soon to be an entrepreneur.

Remember, success isn’t going to happen over night. It may take a while to get going. So, as Amy Drinnon, a successful entrepreneur, suggests, start with what you can manage, financially and time-wise, and scale up as your business grows.   While you are gradually growing your business, educate yourself.   Too often, small businesses run out and get a website developed only to find out later it is a throw away version.   Save time and money by educating yourself. EMarketing4us offers a course, “What you need to know before you build a website”, to help you do just that.

2. Find your niche as an entrepreneur.

This will be key to the success of your business. You can’t do everything for everyone, so find what you can. Nowadays, consumers want specialized products or services, so use that to your advantage.

3. Have an Online Presence.

This is where eMarketing4us can help you! The internet plays a valuable role in every company. “Having an online presence eliminates the limitations of physical location and broadens your customer base by, literally, millions. It’s also a great tool for promoting yourself and letting people, even in your own area, know that you’re there, and what you’re doing.” eMarketing4us offers online classes to help you create a unique and imperative online presence for your small business!

4. Refuse to Quit.

“Just keep swimming; just keep swimming!” Some of the greatest businesses existing today weren’t instant successes. Determination, drive and desire, the three D’s, set apart successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon!

Use eMarketing4us’ Free Website Grader to get a baseline on how your website is performing.  Use this tool to help you monitor and enhance your business practices to develop a stronger presence on the web.
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