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eMarketing4us Website Performance Grader Makes Top 25 Free Website Grader Tools List
Tool for improving business marketing listed along side with HubSpot and other major websites 

LEOMINSTER, MA – April 24, 2012 – eMarketing4us™(eM4us) makes the grade, with its website performance grader being selected as one of UpCity’s “Top 25 Free Website Grader Tools.”  This new list recommends several website grader devices that help to “make sure you’re on the right track with your internet and social media marketing efforts.

eMarketing4us, ranked at 19, is listed along with Alexa, Hubspot and other major websites tools.

“We at eMarketing4us are honored to be listed on UpCity’s list of top free website grader tools,” said Deborah Buckley, eM4us’s Chief Business Advocate for Business Growth. “This is significant, as our tool was selected and recognized as a valuable tool alongside such industry players as Alexa and Hubspot’s Marketing Grader.

Buckley added, “Again and again, I hear from business owners that they’ve built a website but have no idea whether it is an effective marketing tool.  They are like deer in the headlights, frozen and not knowing where to turn for help or how to get started in improving their website.  The eM4us free website grader tool guides business owners to where they can improve; it is a compass that will tell you what steps your need to take in order to bring your website to the next level.  In a matter of seconds, this tool will provide you with a clear understanding as to what action is required to start transforming your web presence.”

“The website grader tool was a big help in trying to figure out why one of my clients websites was not ranking on Google.” said Nicole Kimmick, Managing Director at NTK Consulting. “We thought we had done everything correctly, however when we checked the eMarketing4us website grader, we found some issues that we had completely overlooked. Using the tool saved us a considerable amount of time, we fixed the problems and now the clients website is ranking on Google.”

The eM4us free website grader tool quickly measures a website’s performance and recommends affordable “how-to” Internet marketing courses based on the site’s performance outcome. The courses are to help entrepreneurs, website managers, and small business owners move in the right direction to optimize their website presence.

The website grader analyzes a website’s performance with regards to infrastructure, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and social media marketing. Once a site is graded, the tool presents a report with advice on how the site needs improvement, and what courses can be taken to achieve this.

The grader tool gives business owners unlimited access so that they can regularly monitor their site’s improvement.

Buckley said, “Now more than ever, independent business owners need to think differently and embrace new online strategies to grow their businesses.  One of the most cost effective ways to generate more leads, store traffic, or phone calls to your business is to build a strong web presence.   The Internet is not going anywhere. And whether you like it or not, you need to put in motion an online strategy for your business. I strongly encourage business owners to make time in 2012 and reach for the new customer brass ring online.   Customers are out there on the Internet – if you want to find them.”

Discover in a matter of seconds how to optimize your website with eM4us’s free website grader at

For UpCity’s list of “Top 25 Free Website Grader Tools,” visit

eMarketing4us online educational platform and courses will teach adult learners, entrepreneurs and small business owners how to market their business online. Our free website grader tool will test and evaluate web presence and provide companies with a recommended list of affordable online training modules and business analytic tools that help businesses effectively market and grow your business online.

Grade your Website Report and learn which courses you need to take to start improving your website.


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